Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review: Capri Nursing PJs

Judy from A Mother's Boutique was kind enough to send me a pair of capri pant nursing PJs to review on the blog. The pajamas are made by Annee Matthew and retail for $65 at A Mother's Boutique.

As you can see, the pajamas come with a tank style top that has adjustable bra-like straps and a clasp that unhooks like a regular nursing bra. There is no underwire, but there is an elastic built-in shelf that provides some support. The bottoms are capri-length pants with an elastic waistband. When I looked at the sizing of the PJs, I wasn't sure what to order. I wear a size 12 so I was torn between ordering a Medium and a Large. I decided to go with the Large because I figured since these are pajamas (and knowing me, they would end up doubling as lounge wear), I'd rather have them be roomy than snug. When the pajamas arrived and I slipped them on, I found the top was a bit too big. Although I am at DD status due to nursing, there was still plenty of room for extra boobage, although it fit fine across my ample tummy. I adjusted the straps to as tight as they would go and I still had room. However, the pants fit well. I am curvy so I have wider hips and a big behind, so I think a Medium would have been tight on my tush and squished my stomach. No one wants a waistband that's so tight it leaves marks on your skin, particularly post-partum when your stomach is still mushy or you have a sensitive C-section scar.

What I Liked
  • These PJs are super comfy! The cotton spandex blend was very soft against my skin and had plenty of stretch to move with me.
  • Stylish. These pajamas easily double as lounge wear so mom won't feel like a total schlub if she lives in them for a couple of days while caring for a new baby.
  • Thickness. These PJs are nice and thick and not see-thru. I find a lot of times pajamas are so thin you feel indecent wearing them in front of other people. New moms get a lot of visitors, sometimes unannounced and unexpected. You wouldn't feel too exposed in these PJs.
  • Easy to open clasp on the straps! I was able to unhook one-handed and while half-asleep.

What I Didn't Like
  • Sizing. There was no size chart available to give me a hint as to what size to order and since these are two separate pieces, it would've been nice to be able to order them mix & match. I probably could've used a Medium in the top and definitely needed a Large in the bottoms.
  • These are only available in black and navy. It would be nice if they were available in some other colors and prints.
The Verdict

At $65 the pajamas are pricey, but if you wear them through pregnancy and while nursing and use them for more than one baby, they are well worth the price. They are extremely comfortable and soft and I felt they were flattering. I wore them several times and they came out of the wash even softer. I am finding myself reaching for these pajamas every single night. Although my son now sleeps through the night, I wear these to nurse him before bed and in the morning.