Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review: Tummy Tankz

I was recently sent a Tummy Tank maternity belly band to review on the blog. No, I don't have anything to tell you guys. I'm not expecting. But that's what makes this company and this product so unique: it's a belly band that can be used by pregnant women, nursing moms and those confident enough to rock a tube top. It's just a small bit of fabric, but it's so versatile. It's a nylon, spandex blend so it feels silky and stretches by 75% of its original size.

Photo by Lynn Dao

So how many different ways can you use Tummy Tankz? While pregnant, you can wear it at the hips to hide your unbuttoned pants or use for layering with tops. It's great for nursing. Wear it under your breasts and you can lift your shirt up, latch your baby on, and your tummy will be covered by the Tummy Tank while your baby covers your breast. Voila, no need for a silly nursing cover! And if you're bold enough, you can wear it as a tube top for a sexy look, or under a blazer with jeans. I personally wouldn't go around exposing my belly, but if you're a hot mama with the confidence, go for it!

What I Liked About The Product
First, this is a product created by a mom, for moms, and I love supporting women who've started their own businesses. I also love that the product can be used for years for many purposes, and that it can help women feel more confident nursing in public. The fact that this product is marketed as an alternative to impersonal nursing covers makes me giddy. AND it comes in plus sizes, so it can work for moms of all shapes and sizes. And you really can't beat the price: for $16.95 you're getting 3 products in one!

What I Didn't Like
There's not much to dislike about the Tummy Tank. Although I'm not pregnant, my Tummy Tank stretched nicely when I put it on, so I imagine it would grow with you during pregnancy. It was WAY too sexy for me to wear as a top alone, but I have pretty conservative taste in clothing. The size chart was accurate and I was pleased with the fit. The only thing I wasn't crazy about were the patterns available. I'd probably choose a neutral color like white or black, but I was sent the "patchwork" and wasn't crazy about the way the fabric looked when it arrived. I'd stick to the plain colors.

Want your own Tummy Tank? Order one here today for $16.95. Look out for deals on Tummy Tankz by following them on Twitter.

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